2024 Honda Acty 1st Generations Price Specs Engine

The new model update of Honda Acty 1st generation has been launched in 2024. Like every year, Honda has developed this new model 2024 Honda Acty for cargo transport drivers. It is a new brand of Honda company packed with advanced cargo transportation technology. A Honda Attack with this brand new AC Power Steering Dip lock 4WD and Five Speed Transmission with enough power and speed to get you anywhere. It is a perfect minute truck that will help you in changing the Mara Bal around the city. This would be an ideal check for transporting dirt or other parts. It can be carried around the boiler while transporting dirt and has everything you need. Located in our Australian fulfillment center at 8 Minutes Four Breakwater is a modern and newly reinvented small truck from the prestigious Honda brand.

2024 Honda Acty Price

Used Honda Price Honda Acty price varies based on model year mileage variant and overall condition of the vehicle. We are especially sorry because Honda has not revealed the price of this new model to us yet. We will update you as soon as the price of this model is released.

2024 Honda Acty
2024 Honda Acty

Body and Chassis of 2024 Honda Acty

ClassMicrovan Kei truck
AssemblyJapan: Suzuka Plant, Suzuka, Mile,Yachiyo Plant, Yokkiachi, Mile ( starting 1985)
Body style5-door van and 2-door Pickup truck
LayoutMid Engine rear-wheel drive/4 wheel drive
RelatedHonda Vamos
PredecessorHonda TN7 ( truck)
SuccessorHonda N-van ( Van)

First Generations of 2024 Honda Acty

Also called: Honda street , Daihatsu Acty, Daihatsu Street.

Production: July 1977-1988.

2024 Honda Acty of Powertrain

Engine: 545 cc EH SOHC 2 cylinder.

Transmission: 4/5 Speed manual, 3-Speed Hondamatic.

2024 Honda Acty
2024 Honda Acty

Dimensions of 2024 Honda Acty

Wheelbase1,850 mm (72.8 in)
Length3,195 mm (125.8 in)
Width1,395 mm (54.9 in)
Height1,660 mm (65.4 in) 1,745–1,895 mm (68.7–74.6 in) (van)
Curb weight590 kg (1,301 lb) (truck)

2024 Honda Acty of Export trends

The first generation of the 2024 Honda Acty was also sold in some export markets. Export market selling countries include USA and Australia. Furthermore, Honda’s later models were largely marketed almost entirely within Japan. The 2024 Honda was sold in Australia in 1982 but was based in Sydney due to an initiative by Honda that the car had less power for the hills.

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