2024 Apple Car Vs Tesla Car Need to Know Before Buy

Welcome to 2024 Apple Car Vs Tesla Car to find out which one will be the best in 2024. Apple sources have revealed that the Cupertino giant has reached out to several companies regarding the production of the Apple car. The Apple Car faced many rumors with it is release with the first and earliest suggesting that it has been brewing in the past years and is ready for a 2021 release. However Ming-chi kuo a trusted Apple analyst revealed that the company would more likely reveal the Apple Car in 2024 or 2025. With recent leaks supporting the speculations as Apple has not yet secured a partner.

Risk of 2024 Apple Car Vs Tesla Car

While both Tesla and Apple are well-capitalized. Tesla is Debt to Equity which is the ratio of total long and short term Debt to market Cap currently stands at about 4% based on Q2 Debt figures. Apple which has bolstered it is Debt in recent years taking advantage of low interest rates has a Debt to Equity of about 6%. Apple had over $190 billion in cash at the end of iy is most recent quarter. With a cash to total assets ratio of about 60%. In comparison Tesla cash position stood at about $9 billion in the most recent quarter with a cash to total assets ratio about 20%.Since it is last earnings report Tesla has raised another $5 billion via a stock offering.

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But there is more to the risk story. Tesla is P/S multiple has swelled from just 3x at the beginning of the year to it is current level of 15x. The metric has risen for Apple too from 5x to 7x as we detail in our dashboard about Tesla vs Apple. In the words the market sees much less risk to Tesla being able to generate Apple like profits soon. Also at these higher valuations Tesla should be able to raise more equity capital and educe risk without significantly diluting out shareholders. As demonstrated by it is recent $5 billion raise.

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2024 Apple Car
2024 Apple Car

Tesla Vs Apple Car

In the battle between Apple car and Tesla the bottom line is this it is too early to tell which will rise to the top spot once the Apple car is Widely available. Apple is history gives investors good reason to believe that cars will lead the market. But Tesla is current dominance makes it the right choice for investors who want a pieces of the electric vehicle pie today.

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2024 Apple Car Vs Tesla Car: Two Compelling Buys Now

2024 Tesla
2024 Tesla

Apple and Tesla are in great shape to handle a recession even if it means short term margin compression and slowing growth. Each company also offered a path toward multi decade growth by expanding the core business and also monetizing new investments. For Tesla long term growth means expanding it is electric vehicle offering outside of passenger cars and making money from software and robotics. For Apple long term growth means selling more consumer electronics while also growing it is services and financial products like. Apple pay and Apple card and it is entertainment services like Apple TV and Apple music. Add it all up and there is a lot to like about adding shares of Tesla or Apple to a diversified portfolio.

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