How Far Can a Tesla Go with a Full Charge?

People are asking How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge? Tesla is the only car with nearly as much power per mileage. Tesla just increased the mileage range for each car, and while the increase is small, just 5 miles can make or break your driver on your next charge. Be it the engine or battery of any Tesla car, their capacities are very high. Any Tesla car’s battery lasts at least 276 miles on a single charge, and that’s due to a number of factors that determine the battery’s range. How you will drive the car and how much you will drive it, you must know about the engine or Charge of the car before you buy it.

Tesla currently offers the most extended range Full 4 which can give around 375 miles per charge. The Tesla changes its available fuel range based on the current driving situation just like a petrol engine. We can say based on data that you have 250 miles on a full charge but if you are constantly spotting the pedal and driving aggressively it may be less, it all depends on you.

Tesla Charging Car
Tesla Charging Car

We’ve broken down how far you can go on a single charge for some Tesla models below:

  • Model S Long Range – 405 miles
  • Model S Plaid – 396 miles
  • Model 3 Long Range – 358 miles
  • Model 3 Performance – 315 miles
  • Model 3 RWD – 272 miles
  • Model X Long Range – 348 miles
  • Model X Plaid – 333 miles
  • Model Y Long Range – 330 miles
  • Model Y Performance – 303 miles

Range of Tesla Battery: How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge

Tesla battery capacity or range is always very high based on its engine capacity and vehicle size. Tesla is rumored to be working on a battery that can travel a million miles. Tesla’s existing batteries are not yet capable of achieving mileage and may require battery replacement at some point during the vehicle’s lifetime. A typical 143,000 mAh car battery is believed to last 300,000-500,000 miles, or about 21 to 36 years, based on the average number of cars driven by Americans in a year. You can keep in mind that the number may change based on different mileage ranges.

Tesla Charging Car
Tesla Charging Car

Very few EV battery replacements cost$5,000 to$6,000 per battery installed for Model 3 vehicles. Battery replacement costs may decrease or increase as the price increases. Tesla is spending thousands of dollars on a new battery in increasing numbers. Although neither you nor I can tell you their exact cost, a Tesla battery may be able to function after 500,000 miles if it has a low mileage range per charge. Recharging electric vehicle batteries degrades the battery’s ability to maintain a charge, especially if the batteries run out of power and are fully discharged daily.

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How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge? You can expect consistent performance from your battery over time and understand how far it can go. Moreover, we can say according to its data that you can drive 300 miles or more per day. We found in research that God Tesla’s battery shrinks by 10% after 160,000 miles. By that it means that after all these freight trips the battery performance and energy density was 10% lower than when one was at its peak.

Size of the Battery Tesla: How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge

Tesla Charging Car
Tesla Charging Car

The battery capacity of any vehicle cannot be determined by looking at its battery size. The size of the wire influences the mileage range of the vehicle. The Model 3 has the smallest battery and can go up to 276 miles on a single charge. Whereas the Model S Long Range has a larger battery and can go up to 375 miles on a single charge. And that’s a minor issue to Tesla but not to us because we’ll have a very comfortable ride and driving experience for it in our lives. The battery capacity determines the price of the car as the battery can often cost a little more as the battery will perform better during peak performance.

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How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge: Warranty of a Tesla Battery

Before buying any car, you should know about its warranty and warranty on its battery. Also, according to the warranty capacity you have to buy the car, if the car breaks down before the warranty, you can definitely change the engine or charger of the car without warranty card.

However, you can check the car and warranty from the table below based on the car model:

ModelBattery warranty
Model 3 Standard Range8 years or 100k miles
Model 3 Long Range/Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Long Range8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model S8 years or 150k miles
Model X8 years or 150k miles

Charging Options for Tesla: How Far Can a Tesla go with a full Charge

The Tesla charger has the option of charging, and it won’t run any other way. Among the preferred car features are energy storage, space, speed and time to charge. A 100kWh S battery pack is available for the Model S and Model X to go further on a charge. Tesla Super Chargers can be found in high-traffic areas, which Tesla owners need when they’re not at home. The charger you use determines how long it will take to charge your car battery.

Tesla Charging Car
Tesla Charging Car

Tesla unfortunately doesn’t come with a wall charger you’ll need to buy one separately, while a mobile charger is included as a back option. However, they have become more widely available and can charge up to 200 kWh of 15-minute car chargers that we know of. On the other hand, using those charging stations adds stress to your battery and should be used sparingly to preserve its life and performance.

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